Let There Be Light

2021 Playa Largo Wine & Dine

Let there be light… And lighting was setup. Guests would have been eating in the dark if custom lighting was not created for this event. Well, except for that white light coming from the tennis courts. Never the less, it would not have been as beautiful and elegant as it turned out. The Vision HNO Productions has a good working…

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Do You Think a Bigger Event is Necessarily Better?

2020 Miami Marathon Start Line

Do you think a bigger event is necessarily better? HNO Productions is one of the event production companies hired for Miami Marathon & Half Marathon weekend. We provide a lot of the audio, visuals, and entertainment services for the Health & Fitness Expo. We service the start line of the Tropical 5K with full audio and entertainment. And on the…

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Welcome Backstage!


Where the Action Really Happens! Welcome backstage! We know how exciting it is to go backstage and see what goes on behind the scenes. As we begin our newsletter, we will describe our experience backstage from the moment our team arrives on-site till the time the show is over. There are events where we have it easy and the event…

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