start finish line event management
Start/Finish Line of the 2018 First State Bank Key Largo Bridge Run

As an event management company, we handle just about everything for our clients for their events. And when we say everything, it includes from the planning phase to the site cleanup. In other words, we will manage the event from beginning to end. With over 20 years of event experience and assisting over thousands of events across the US, we understand what it takes to put on an event.

The Process

Firstly, the planning phase. This is probably the most critical in order to make sure your event runs as smooth as possible. From pulling permits and choosing the venue, to coordinating with vendors and volunteers, to informing the audience and having safety measures in place. We make sure everything is in order before moving on to the next phase.

Secondly, setup day arrives. It is time to get everything in its’ place and tested. This is where the load-in logistics take place. Also, we make sure everything looks just the way the customer had envisioned it (or better). We are always on-site providing answers to anyone who has questions.

Thirdly, the execution. This is where the magic happens. As the event kicks off and the audience arrives, everything that was envisioned becomes a reality. Moreover, this is where we really see the event come to life. At this point, our team is providing guidance for any last minute questions and coming up with last minute solutions for guidance.

Fourthly, the breakdown. The event is over. All the vendors and staff members pick up their areas and load-out takes place. Our team performs continuous walk throughs to confirm the venue is left the same way it was handed to us.

Last but not least, the follow-up. We schedule meetings to talk about the pros and cons of how the event went. This gives us the ability to make the event better the next time it occurs.

Event Management Services:

  • Create online registration platform for your event.
  • Apply and work through the process of all permits.
  • Coordinate with all city and county officials.
  • Hire additional staff for the event, for example, labor, drivers, etc.
  • Hire entertainment for the event, such as announcers, DJs, bands, etc.
  • Coordinate with all staff and vendors.
  • Coordinate site visits and walk throughs.
  • Work with community organizations for volunteers.
  • Provide timelines and site-maps to all staff, vendors, city and county officials, and volunteers involved.
  • Keep all participants informed prior to the event.
  • Establish an area for registration and pickup items.
  • Print branding and marketing material needed for the event.
  • Provide all technical equipment in accordance to the venue and the estimated number of people for sound, lighting, video, and special effects.
  • Manage event setup adhering to all policies and regulations required by the city, county, and state officials.
  • Manage the execution of the event.
  • Supervise the breakdown and clean-up of all facilities.
  • Validate event site is clean and left the way it was found prior to the event.
  • Coordinate follow-up meetings after the event to discuss pros and cons.