main stage event production
Main Stage for the 2014 Deerfield Beach Fourth of July Festival Celebration

Event production is typically the technical aspect of any event. It is where sound, lighting, video, and special effects is used to enhance the experience of the event. You will notice that the process for event production is very similar to the event management process, just much more specific in scope.

The Process

Firstly, the planning phase. A very critical phase in the process. Probably the most important one. Here we meet with the event director or management company and discuss the details for the event. We then move forward with creating detailed timelines and diagrams. In addition, if time permits, we try and simulate as much of the event as possible to confirm nothing is being overlooked.

Secondly, the setup. Our team delivers all the equipment, sets it up, and performs tests to make sure everything is working the way it should. In addition, if scheduled properly, a rehearsal would take place prior to the start of the event. One other thing to mention, during the setup process we work with the point person on-site and make sure that what is being built is what is expected. If any last minute changes and time permits, we accommodate to the client’s wishes.

Thirdly, it’s show time. Our technical team turns everything on and operates all the equipment that was setup. By this point, the technicians have already tuned and prepped everything, but some fine tuning usually takes place. As an example, the music might need to be a little louder since more people have arrived than expected or the main performer might be running a few minutes late. Regardless, our team is always on-site to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Last but not least, strike and load out. This is when we dissemble all the equipment, load it back in our trucks, and take it back to our warehouses.

Having the right gear is important and having a knowledgable technical team is critical. Typically, this is where most of the guest experience comes from.

Event Production Services

  • Fulfill technical riders required by all entertainment.
  • Provide a staging system with ample room for artists, staff, and equipment.
  • Provide an adequate sound system according to the venue and the estimated number of guests.
  • Supply a full lighting system for visibility and decor depending on the type and style of the event.
  • Provide a video system for visibility of the stage.
  • Provide special effects to enhance the show.
  • Supply technical staff to setup, operate, and strike all sound, video, lighting, and special effects equipment.