stage for festivals
Picture of the Main Stage at the 2015 Deerfield Beach Fourth of July Celebration

We provide all the entertainment and the sound and lighting equipment to make festivals a hit. Moreover, this is why our clients let us handle the entire event production aspect for their festivals.

To start with, we provide all the pro gear for the event. In other words, we do everything from fulfilling all the artist’s technical riders, to supplying a high-end sound and lighting system, and bringing in the “WOW” factor with special effects.

Secondly, we handle all of the logistical work for our clients. This entails the delivery and pickup of all the equipment. We have our technical team at the event to setup, operate, and strike all the gear. Our team is also in charge of the swapping of the instruments between each band, musician, or DJ.

Third, and most important, we oversee the production in its’ entirety. We have a stage manager at each stage to keep things on time. We also have a production manager at the event site to guarantee that things go off when they are suppose to and that it all looks the way it should.

Our experience stems from working with different municipalities in the South Florida region, non-profit organizations, and other event companies. Our clients know that we understand the process of these events from start to finish. As a result, it keeps us coming back to a lot of these events year after year.

In conclusion, our goal is to help our clients bring their vision of the event to life.

Our Services for Festivals:

  • Hire bands, musicians, and DJs that would tie in to the event.
  • Provide other kinds of entertainers, such as, dancers, circus acts, etc.
  • Fulfill technical riders required by all entertainment.
  • Provide a staging system with ample room for artists, staff, and equipment.
  • Provide an adequate sound system according to the venue and the estimated number of guests.
  • Supply a full lighting system for visibility and decor depending on the type and style of the event.
  • Provide a video system for visibility of the stage.
  • Provide special effects to enhance the show.
  • Supply technical staff to setup, operate, and strike all sound, video, lighting, and special effects equipment.
  • Setup a green room for all musicians and bands.
  • Manage stage transitions between musicians and bands throughout the event.
  • Transition backline between each performance.
  • Enforcing the timeline throughout the event.