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HNO Productions is a privately owned small business that was founded in 1998 by Enrique “Henry” Menendez. The company made its mark in 2002 when it began taking its services nationwide and played a major roll in producing events across the country.

HNO Productions is a turnkey event production company which provides either specific services for different kinds of events or can handle the production of an entire event. We not only comprehend what needs to happen in order to execute an event, we also understand what scenarios may arise and have backup plans in our process to mitigate a lot of the challenges that may arise.

What makes us different from other event production companies is that we truly care about our customers and we build long-lasting business relationships with them. We have worked with Miami Marathon and Hard Rock Cafe Miami for over 10 years just to name a couple. In addition to our business relationships that provide us reoccurring events on a yearly basis, we also accept offers for one-off events, such as, concerts, festivals, sporting events, corporate events, and weddings.

We produce events because we love it and are always happy to assist in creating the next big function!