special effects for sporting events
Picture of the Start Line of the 2020 Life Time Miami Marathon & Half Marathon

Bringing a high-energy feeling for both spectators and athletes alike to a sporting events is a glorifying experience. This is why we manage and produce these kinds of events in South Florida. From the permits to the cleanup at the end, we are there every step of the way.

We know that when managing the process of sporting events, it can become very complex and daunting. That is why we are here to help with everything that needs to be done. In summary, we will pull the permits, work with the county and city officials, handle the operational logistics, and execute the event. We handle the work while you deal with marketing and sponsors.

Some of our clients don’t want us to manage the entire event for them, but still need help during the event itself. Well, that’s no problem! Due to our experience with sporting events for so many years, we assist with the production of some of the largest and well-known marathons and half-marathons in South Florida. Some clients like us to we provide them with all the technical equipment, as well as, hire and manage all their entertainment throughout the entire event. Other times the client might just want us to come in and setup their start and finish line areas. In addition, some of these events have grown so big, we are brought in to help throughout the weekend at the expos and some of their smaller events, such as other sporting events and parties.

In conclusion, we are very good at what we do and truly enjoy ever single moment of it. We make sure to create an unforgettable experience at the event.

Our Services for Sporting Events:

  • Create an online registration platform for your event.
  • Apply and work through the process of all permits.
  • Coordinate with all city and county officials.
  • Hire additional staff for the event, for example, labor, drivers, etc..
  • Hire entertainment for the event, such as announcers, DJs, bands, etc.
  • Coordinate with all staff and vendors.
  • Coordinate site visits and walk throughs.
  • Work with community organizations and volunteers.
  • Provide timelines and site-maps to all staff, vendors, city and county officials, and volunteers involved.
  • Keep all participants informed prior to the event.
  • Establish an area for registration and pickup items.
  • Print branding and marketing material needed for the event.
  • Provide an adequate sound system according to the venue and the estimated number of people.
  • Provide special effects for important moments.
  • Manage event setup adhering to all policies and regulations required by the city, county, and state officials.
  • Manage the execution of the event.
  • Supervise the breakdown and clean-up of all facilities.
  • Validate event site is clean and left the way it was found prior to the event.
  • Coordinate follow-up meetings after the event to discuss pros and cons.