Picture is the Post Race Stage from the 2019 First State Bank Key Largo Bridge Run Half Marathon & 4-Mile Run/Walk

We know how exciting it is to go backstage and experience what goes on behind the lights. As we begin our newsletter, we will describe our experience backstage from the moment our team arrives on-site till the time the show is over.

There are events where we have it easy and the event is a success from our perspective. There are other moments where perfection comes at a price. We will bring to light everything we do to keep organized and maintain control. We will also share the challenges we face and how we overcome them. This can be extraordinarily helpful if you are planning or looking to plan your own event.

As the newsletter develops and our audience grows, we plan on adding more content. In the immediate future we are working on getting an upcoming events section that will reflect all the upcoming events we are scheduled to be at. We are also looking to add information about our services and events, such as providing updates and special offers or promo codes that will only be shared with our subscribers. One of the more recognizable events we fully manage is the First State Bank Key Largo Bridge Run, which runs over the Jewfish Creek Bridge and overlooks the Key Largo Bay.

We know you will enjoy Event Life with HNO Productions and are excited to share it with our audience. So stay tuned as we bring you backstage!